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The Recruiting Process

C. G. Consulting Group works hard to work smart and ethically. We are committed to providing professional quality service that is focused and personalized within the I.T. market. We believe that optimum quality and efficiency is provided as a result of our unique process:

  • Our process starts with understanding of your business, corporate culture and the technologies within your environment. C. G. Consulting Group works with your managers and HR professionals to assess which needs are the most critical.
  • Next, again in conjunction with your managers and your HR professionals we perform an objective evaluation of the job requirements and specific technologies and tools that will be used.
  • Once this information is determined, a campaign can be developed to target and identify specific I.T. professionals in the market. Using a multi-faceted approach, C. G. Consulting Group leverages all traditional and new means to identify candidates such as our database of thousands of highly skilled professionals, advertising, direct referrals, direct recruitment, Web-based recruiting, and a network of partners.
  • Next we ensure candidates are thoroughly screened prior to presentation to a client. C. G. Consulting Group pre-screens candidate applicants by telephone or face to face interviews to assess their compatibility with the role and the client. Candidates may receive detailed critical information like company profile, position details and requirements, location and any other additional or vital information they need to make their decision. (the amount of information is dependent on the clients confidentiality needs)
  • We guarantee that every candidate and potential hire is interviewed and that no resume is ever forwarded to you without the candidate’s prior permission and knowledge.
  • Once candidate applicants are pre-screened and interested in the new position, we disclose the client’s company name and present them to the client along with a brief synopsis. At this point we also co-ordinate scheduling for interviews between the client and the candidate applicant.
  • During the entire process, we strive to thoroughly address all concerns and issues of both client and candidate through sound business integrity. Additionally, we assure both client and candidate discretion and confidentiality. The confidentiality of our work is primary to our function.
  • Once a selection is made, C. G. Consulting Group will provide the client with professional and or personal references on the candidate applicant. We help negotiate the particulars of an offer and establish a start date.
  • Lastly, we execute the offer of employment in conjunction with your managers and your HR professionals. Once accepted, we help the candidate resign his or her current position.

To summarize, C. G. Consulting Group will assist your managers and your HR professionals by providing knowledge and experience though out the recruitment life cycle.

Tips on the Hiring Process

  • Start with the position. Prepare a complete description of the job including the skills and education plus ideal past experience or special knowledge required, location, reporting structure, compensation, etc.
  • Figure out how to attract talented candidates. Advertise in a newspaper, web postings, or the use of a search and selection professional like C. G. Consulting Group Inc.
  • Meet only candidates that fit this description. Be consistent.
  • Let the candidate know your interview and hiring process.
  • Based on your description, ensure the candidate can do and is willing to do the job.
  • Assess all candidates equally and fairly on their backgrounds and personalities in relation to the job and your company/team culture. Again, be consistent.
  • Let the candidate ask questions.
  • Check candidate references and conduct any testing if needed.
  • Once you make you selection, have the candidate meet the team. Let them ask questions and interact. This will either confirm your choice or change it.
  • Make your decision quickly, its good for you and the candidate: if you don’t, the competition will.
  • Make only fair offers of employment.